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Fala Memorial Plaques are home!

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The Fala Memorial Plaques are again hanging at the Little White House and available for all visitors to see and understand our many losses.  Next time you're in Warm Springs, if you honored your Scottie with a plate, please come by, find the plate(s) and see how wonderfully and respectfully they are displayed. 

The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta was organized in December of  1972. It followed a discussion by several fanciers at a local match.  While the first meeting had only a few people, our membership has now  grown to over 80 Scottish Terrier lovers.We have successfully promoted  the Scottie breed over the years through education, matches, fellowship, and more.

The two events that highlight each year are The Scottish Terrier Specialty held the first Saturday in April and Fala Day held the last Saturday in October at  Roosevelt's Little White House.

The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta, Inc. (STCGA) is an independent organization dedicated to all aspects of  the Scottish Terrier breed and is proudly affiliated with The American Kennel Club, The Scottish Terrier Club of America and The Georgia Canine Coalition, Inc. We are not affiliated with any other organization nor responsible for their actions and statements. We urge you to review what you see or hear from ANY organization, including the STCGA, to determine the veracity of what is published and judge the organization accordingly.


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