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It is my pleasure to announce the return of our beloved Fala Day to its original home at FDR's Little White House on October 25th 2014.  It will be advertised as "Fala Day" A Special Event Sponsored By the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta at the Little White HouseThis is where the event originated 30 years ago by invitation of The Little White House and where it remained until the Park asked us to leave.  At that time we were able to move to the city of Warm Springs where it has been held for the last several years.  While the people of Warm Springs have greeted us with open arms, there was something missing...not being where Fala had walked.  This is what truly made our celebration so different from the other Fala Days held across this country.

We owe more than I can say to Rhea and Judi for visiting with the officials at both the Little White House and Warm Springs, discussing with them our plans and learning from them what we need to do.  I am ashamed to say that a faction of our then club members had taken their Scotties into the museum and other interior areas with historic artifacts forbidden to dogs and these dogs urinated and pooped in the building.  This is not what good owners allow to happen and will not happen again.  Furthermore, some of the leaders of the event were rude and ordering the park rangers around as if the ranger's only purpose was to serve us.  This also will not happen again.  Respect will be given at all times to the Little White House staff.  We are there as guests at the Park sponsoring an event, again at the Park's invitation.

While the Park had never requested that the Plaques be removed from display at the Park, as they are dedicated in memory of  Fala, after the event was moved to Warm Springs, the Over The Rainbow plaques were relocated, never donated to the Chamber of Commerce for display.  Now they will be returned to where they were originally displayed for 25 years, the Little White House.  There they will be respectfully cared for, and viewed by the thousands of visitors to the Park every year.  A part of this great country's history and a wonderful tribute to our deceased Scottie companions.  And, we sincerely thank the Warm Springs Chamber of Commerce for giving the plaques a home during their absence from the Little White House.

There are many more events planned for this celebration of Fala, all to be done in the dignified and respectful manner that Fala and our own Fallen Scotties deserve.  We hope you will watch our website for all the details and plan to join us for Fala Day on October 25, 2014, so your Scotties can walk where Fala walked.

Herschal Hill

President, STCGA

The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta was organized in December of  1972. It followed a discussion by several fanciers at a local match.  While the first meeting had only a few people, our membership has now  grown to over 80 Scottish Terrier lovers.We have successfully promoted  the Scottie breed over the years through education, matches, fellowship, and more.

The two events that highlight each year are The Scottish Terrier Specialty held the first Saturday in April at the Central Georgia Convention Center in Forsyth, Georgia and Fala Day held the last Saturday in October at  Roosevelt's Little White House.


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