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2014’s Little White House Mascot.


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Robbie is the winner of the Fala Look A Like contest. He is now the OFFICIAL mascot for the Little White House and will reign until a new one is selected at the next Fala Day. His image will be used by the park through out the year.  Congratulations to Deb and Jerry Lynch for being owned by such a famous Scotty.

Fala look-a-like 2
Marion Dunn

We had the pleasure and honor of having Mr. Marion Dunn join us this year for Fala Day.  Mr. Dunn was one of the original “Push Boys” and mesmerized us with stories of his experience. In fact, if you watched the PBS series on the Roosevelts, you saw him as he discussed what a push boy did and their responsibilities.

One of the stories he told us was in response to a question: Then you really saw Fala?  His answer; Oh yes, but I never touched him.  The only people allowed to touch him was the President and Secret Service Agents.

The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta was organized in December of  1972. It followed a discussion by several fanciers at a local match.  While the first meeting had only a few people, our membership has now  grown to over 80 Scottish Terrier lovers.We have successfully promoted  the Scottie breed over the years through education, matches, fellowship, and more.

The two events that highlight each year are The Scottish Terrier Specialty held the first Saturday in April and Fala Day held the last Saturday in October at  Roosevelt's Little White House.


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